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Got a Lemon? - Lemon Law Facts!

Most people when the think of the word lemon, they think the sour, tangy and yellow fruit. What some people dont know is that the word "lemon" also has a slang meaning that has become very popular over the years, especially in the automotive industry.

Even tho the term lemon is more commenly used to describe a cheap and junky car, it can be used for just about any merchandise that is faulty, poorly made, or broken. For example; Someone is walking home one day and sees a flashy watch on sale. They try the watch on, checking over to make sure nothing was wrong with it and decide to buy it. When they get home it stops working and it appears broken. They call their friend and tell them "I bought this watch today, it looked like such a good deal, but when i got it home, it turned out to be a lemon!"

Using the word lemon this way has most likely become increasingly popular due to the many companies and crooked car sales men selling faulty products. In fact there is even a "Lemon Law" that obligates manufacturers or sellers to repair, replace, or refund the price of a motor vehicle if it proves to be defective.

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